Chrome will show ‘Not Secure’ warning for HTTP forms

Chrome Not Secure Warning

Google have started emailing webmasters to let them know about their plan for all web traffic to be delivered through an encrypted channel. This means delivering all web pages via HTTPS rather than HTTP. They are modifying their Google Chrome browser and have already made some changes earlier in the year. If a form delivered by standard text (HTTP) has a credit card or password field then Chrome already flags up in the address bar that it is ‘NOT SECURE’. The next step comes in October 2017 with the release of Chrome 62, although the exact date of the release has not been announced. In version 62, Chrome will treat

Publishing Visual Studio web app to Azure PaaS


In this article, I will use Microsoft Visual Studio to create a web application, published publicly as a Web App to the Azure cloud. This is the first in a series about using Microsoft tools and the Azure cloud that I want to write. This will just use a very simple example to show how quickly you can publish a website to the Azure cloud without any complicated servers to install or configure. It really is simple but will get more complicated in future articles when I will explore more in-depth scenarios and a continuous integration and delivery model. For the moment, we don’t want anything complicated so we will

My experience using the Duolingo German language course


When I added a websites section to my blog I always intended to showcase sites that I found interesting or useful. Today, I would like to walk through a website called Duolingo that helps language students keep their skills fresh. The site can be found at or on a mobile device using the respective application store. Four months ago, I thought I would see if I could learn a language from scratch just by using the Duolingo website and mobile app. In the past, I have learned a little French and Spanish so I couldn’t use them. It was a friend from Romania that pointed me to the site

Applying conditions to AVERAGE, SUM and COUNT functions in Microsoft Excel

Excel File

This is my first article on Microsoft Excel in over two years and continues the series with descriptions and examples of applying conditions to the popular Excel SUM, COUNT and AVERAGE functions. I started writing this article about 6 months ago when one of my friends asked me how to count the number of occurrences in a spreadsheet where a condition in another column was true. I had thought that I had already written such an article and was about to point her to it but it wasn’t there. I remember it was on my list of articles to write about Excel but I’d obviously not written it yet. Anyway,

Six steps to staying safe online and securing your devices

Hacking Detected

After all the stories about the latest malware attacks, I wanted to post a collection of tips that should help you and others on your network (home or work) with six steps to staying safe online and securing your devices against malicious threats. It’s quite simple really and if you follow these rules then you won’t become a victim. 1. Patching Keep your operating system and software patched to the highest level and do so as soon as you can after the patch has been released. If your operating system supports automatic updates then use it. If not, set yourself a reminder to check periodically. The same applies to software.

The Product Manager Skills and Roles


This article follows on from my previous article on The role of the Product Management in Technology and covers the skills required, roles undertaken and responsibilities for a Product Manager working for our company at the time. During 2012, I was working as a Product Manager for one of our larger systems. At that time I was asked to define a set of skills that we should be looking for in potential Product Managers, which then became the basis of a job description for that role. At that time the Product Manager sat within our global technology division, things have changed since then and we now have a separate Product

Why does no-one comment on my blog posts?


I was asked recently why a site was not getting any comments on its blog posts and what follows is my explanation back to him with some ideas of why that is and what to do about. I ran a blog between 2008 and 2011 where I allowed unlimited comment time and apart from one or two that had shared the same experience as me, all I got was SPAM (people posting links to their own sites – malicious or otherwise). I spent ages moderating it so this time around when I started my blog in 2014, I banned comments to start with but recently opened them up when converting

Setting up a secure website certificate on an Ubuntu server

HTTPS Traffic

This article goes through the steps required to create and install a secure certificate on a website which will allow web traffic to be encrypted over https. The article uses the default website on an Apache 2 Ubuntu web server. It also mentions what to do for multiple websites each with their own secure certificate. It is part of my other articles on setting up an Ubuntu Linux server hosted using Amazon Web Services, but the same principals can be applied to any website on any server as the steps are the same. The starting point for this article is a server that has been setup following the examples in

What effect does the GDPR have on my website


Today, I was contacted by a friend who was worried about gathering data on her blog and the effects that the future European data protect act (DPA) would have on this. As I was writing my response I thought that would be good to share on my blog so here it is. I take it you are referring to the European Union’s (EU) General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) that will come into force in 2018 over-riding the UK’s own Data Protection Act. If the UK has not quit the EU before the GDPR is implemented then the UK will have to abide by it and even if the UK has

Technology blog moves to WordPress

Wordpress Logo Stacked RGB 620 x 400

Welcome to WordPress! After 3 years of developing and operating my own content management system (CMS), I have finally switched over to WordPress for my Pat Howe Technology Blog. Part of the reason for this was to make it easier to maintain but the main reason was to take advantage of all the great plug-ins available. I’m still in the process of converting three years’ worth of posts but I’m over 90% of the way through and couldn’t wait any longer to launch it. I didn’t go with a front page like my old blog but thought I would show the most recent posts on the landing page, well snippets