Arduino sound sensor noise level detector example

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This article follows on from my previous articles about the Arduino microcontroller; Sketch 1: Light Switch and Sketch 2: Light Sensor. In this article I cover an analogue sound sensor with LEDs displaying for the loudness (noise level) of the sound detected. I purchased a multi-pack of sensors a while back and there was a small sound and big sound sensor in that pack. I can’t remember the seller but there are plenty on Amazon and eBay. If you want the one I’m using in this example, you can find it

Arduino light sensor and illumination example

Arduino Uno

I’ve been meaning to follow up my previous getting started with the Arduino microcontroller article for a while now. Quite a long while as it’s almost three years. The other reason for writing this now is that my first article has been visited quite a lot recently, so I wanted to add to my electronics section. At the end of my last article I asked for suggestions of what to build next but didn’t have any responses. I thought I’d make a variation on my light switch example and have

Getting started with the Arduino microcontroller

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This is my first article about the Arduino microcontroller development board and indeed my first article in my new Electronics category. I am fairly new to this but filled with excitement as I delve into another hobby and perhaps a second childhood (or maybe a fifth or sixth). I say that because I have always had a keen interest in both electronics and programming and the Arduino mixes both of these interests. As a child, having an Arduino, would have saved many an electronic device from being “upgraded” by my