Reverse engineering and generating databases in Visio


This article shows you how to connect to a database and populate a diagram with its tables, relationships and properties. For this I will use an Access database but it could be any data source where you have its driver installed. I want to represent a relational database structure on a diagram but I want it to show primary and foreign keys, unique indexes and the relationship structure between tables. I also want it to contain any parameters, constraints or other logic associated with the tables. I also want to

Using a simple organisational chart in Microsoft Visio

visio simple org chart

I have been using Visio for many years, going right back to the time before it was part of the Microsoft Office suite. Each year, I upgraded and features have come and gone. Sometimes I can see an improvement but usually I long for the features that have been dropped. My favourite version I think was the one that came with top level of Visual Studio 2003, I think it was called Visio 2003 for enterprise architects. That had a neat database feature where you could generate your database SQL