Final update on email scams in 2014

Email Scams

I have decided today to close off the special report on email scams in 2014. It has been going for nearly 6 months and most of the scam emails I receive have already been captured on that page. It is time to now switch on my anti-spam software and junk mail filter at the mail server so that I won’t get so many in my mailbox. I created the report to catalogue the different ways that scammers try to catch you out either to click a link to a dodgy website or open a virus attachment. More recently I also

Using cell reference names and named ranges in Microsoft Excel

Excel File

Everyone who uses Excel and that has written a formula (you might think that must be everyone but there are some people who just use Excel for sorting rows of data) will have used the row and column reference at some point (i.e. A1 or R1C1) or a cell range (A1:C2 or R1C1:R3C2). Anyone that has gone back to their workbook after a long time to make modifications or anyone that has to modify or decipher someone else’s workbook will curse those row and column references. So what can you do about it? Using the naming feature within Excel you

Update on the new top level domains released for general availability

New 2014 TLDs

Six new top level domains were released to buy now under general availability today (August 6); .actor, .fail, .financial, .limited, .rocks and .wtf. In all, 31 domains have gone live (and are therefore available to buy now) since my last update just over a month ago. Excluding those released today the newly available domains are; .associates, .bar, .blackfriday, .capital, .christmas,, .consulting, .engineering, .exchange, .fish, .gripe, .kaufen, .lease, .media, .moda, .pictures, .pub, .reisen, .report, .rest, .services, .town, .toys, .university and .vision. In addition, there were 28 new domain name extensions given GA dates in 2014 since my last update that