Introducing phases to an application development project

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I wanted to write about some of the ways application development has changed over the years. In this first article, I will cover the phasing of application development against more traditional delivery approaches such as waterfall and agile. It covers the reasons why you and your application development effort should be adopting a phased approach too and I will follow up with more articles on refining this approach. There is nothing actually wrong with the waterfall or agile approaches if you have the right environment to make them work. This article is about how to get the requestor’s input during

What is the difference between a programmer and a developer?


It can be confusing with the terminology around programmers and developers especially when these descriptions are used interchangeably so in this article I will attempt to differentiate between the two. I know that not everyone will agree with me and some will think that developers and programmers are the same thing but from looking around when trying to hire resources, I think the market has pretty much adopted the same approach as me. So for people who may be looking to hire development resources or have a development project on the horizon or are in the development business but still

Getting started with HTML5 video

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A while back I gave an HTML5 overview with the intention of writing more about each of those areas. So this is one of those and is dedicated to HTML5 video. The same methods apply to audio even though audio is not explicitly covered here. For everyone that has created websites in the past using previous versions of HTML, you will know the difficulties involved in trying to embed video into those pages. The easiest way for most people was to convert the video to Adobe Flash and rely on the fact that most browsers had the free Adobe Flash

A brief guide to the enhancements and new features of HTML5


I wanted to write some articles about the new features of HTML 5 and figured I had better start off with what HTML 5 is and give an overview of those new features and enhancements. I know there are probably hundreds of other HTML 5 articles on the internet and books explaining everything you could ever want to know but I’m hoping to keep the subject simple and present it in layman’s terms for those that are not into geek speak. So if you want a technical article, then you’d probably be better off looking elsewhere. If you want a