Six steps to staying safe online and securing your devices

Hacking Detected

After all the stories about the latest malware attacks, I wanted to post a collection of tips that should help you and others on your network (home or work) with six steps to staying safe online and securing your devices against malicious threats. It’s quite simple really and if you follow these rules then you won’t become a victim. 1. Patching Keep your operating system and software patched to the highest level and do so as soon as you can after the patch has been released. If your operating system supports automatic updates then use it. If not, set yourself

The Product Manager Skills and Roles


This article follows on from my previous article on The role of the Product Management in Technology and covers the skills required, roles undertaken and responsibilities for a Product Manager working for our company at the time. During 2012, I was working as a Product Manager for one of our larger systems. At that time I was asked to define a set of skills that we should be looking for in potential Product Managers, which then became the basis of a job description for that role. At that time the Product Manager sat within our global technology division, things have