The role of the Product Management in Technology


Back in 2011, I was asked by my boss at the time what I saw as the role of the Product manager because he wanted to establish that role within our technology department. I did indeed become a product manager at the start of the following year. In this short article, I will share with you what we did and how it was received. The first thing I said in August 2011 when asked what I thought the role of the product manager should be in our business (a business services company relying heavily on technology) must have impressed my

Steps to securing your Apache web server on Ubuntu

Apache Security

This article goes through some of the things you can do to protect your web server from certain types of attacks and to keep the disclosure of information down to a minimum. It will show you how to help prevent clickjacking, SSL cipher or mime-based attacks. It will show you how to avoid error messages and other methods giving away more information than is needed. These can mostly be prevented at a server level so that they apply to all websites that you publish on the server. A brief description of what is being prevented and the resolution is included