News on general availability of new top level domains

New Domains 2016

There have been more top-level domain names released to general availability (GA) in 2016. In this short article I have listed those that are available now and those that are being considered for release. I’ve split the listing into those that are available to purchase now under GA and those that are at an earlier stage where you cannot purchase but may register an interest in them (and possibly buy in the future). Some sites call this pre-ordering or pre-registering but there is no guarantee that you will get the domain name even if you register an interest. What is

Fixing GD by replacing the version in the bundled PHP package

PHP GD Library

The GD Library in PHP allows developers to output images from code in various formats rather than output HTML mark-up for displaying web pages or snippets. It is a very popular method of creating images used on web forms where the validity of a human user needs to be attained (this method is commonly known as Captcha). However, a bundled PHP distribution might not come with GD enabled and fully functioning such as those used by the “apt-get install php5” command on Ubuntu. Even after “apt-get install php5-gd” is run to fetch and installed the GD Library, PHP might not