Project planning using the time-boxing method

Time Boxing

Quite often in the lifetime of a product’s development something unexpected will happen that will throw your project plan out of the window and you will have to reorganise your resources respectively. This could be the customer changing their mind on some included functionality, adding additional requirements or the priority of requirements. In this article I will continue the development journey with project planning using a time-boxing method to make sure everyone stays on schedule, interruptions are minimised and the customer gets what is most important to them. I actually wrote this back in April but didn’t publish as I

Red eye removal and photo healing using Photoshop

Photoshop Tip

In this short article I will show you how easy it is using Adobe Photoshop to manipulate a photograph that hasn’t quite come out how you expect. Quite often cameras come with red eye removal flash built in but sometimes the subject still comes out with a red pupils rather than a black ones. Photoshop can sort this out for you in seconds. Another thing that quite often happens is that the photograph’s subject has a blemish such as a spot on the skin or other blemish that you’d rather remove. Photoshop’s healing tools can fix them up as if