Working with large data sets in Excel powered ASP.NET websites

Data Loading

Working with large amounts of data can be slow going using Microsoft Excel’s internal lookup functions which is amplified if you are publishing lookup results on the internet dynamically. In this example, I have created a large(ish) table of sales data that I want to be able to pick from using some specified criteria. All of the information in this table is dummy data and even the specified criteria are probably not what a sales manager would be looking for. The purpose of this data is to show that handling large data sets is best accomplished outside of Excel especially

Cookieless user data storage using HTML5 Web Storage API

Web Storage

A while back I started writing about HTML5 and wrote “a brief guide to the enhancements and new features of HTML5” as well as more detailed articles about “HTML5 Video“, drawing using the “HTML5 Canvas” and “HTML5 Canvas Animation” and also one about scaleable vector graphics (SVG) with examples using HTML5. This follows on from those subjects with an article dedicated to the “HTML5 Web Storage API”. There are two new types of web storage that are now available to web developers in HTML5 for both local and session storage. However, before I can cover the Web Storage API, I