Getting images to a specified dimension using Photoshop

Photoshop Tip

Quite often I have images that don’t quite fit what I want them for. Sometimes, it’s because they are too big and other times they require some cropping or resizing (or both) to obtain the size that I need. In this short article, I will show a couple of methods that I use in Photoshop to get the result I want. The main thing to remember when resizing is that you’ll probably need to resize to one dimension and crop the other. So, in this first example, I want a 960 pixel wide banner that is 360 pixels high to

Working with charts in Excel powered ASP.NET websites

Web Charts

Personally, I think Microsoft Excel charts are powerful and look quite good so in this article, we will use SpreadsheetGear to connect to a workbook and fetch a chart as an image to display on an APS.NET web page. Obviously websites could use a charting library or define their own chart like images using the data generated from Excel but in this example we will get the image of a chart that is generated in Excel. This article is part of a set on using SpreadsheetGear to include the power of Microsoft Excel behind your website. This article does not