Managing your dual-band wireless broadband router

BT Home Hub 4

This article covers setting up a dual-band broadband router and managing connections. Most modern routers in the UK are dual-band meaning they operate a wireless signal at both 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz. I was having some problems getting devices connected to wireless but mostly it was with connections dropping. I was considering getting a signal extender to cover more of the house with thinking that my BT router wasn’t good enough and a stronger signal was needed even though connections were failing in the same room as the router. I did a bit of research and checked my settings

Using conditional formatting and functions in Microsoft Excel

Excel File

This is another one of my articles about Microsoft Excel covering conditional formatting and conditional statement functions such as TRUE, FALSE, NOT, IF, AND, OR, XOR, IFNA and IFERROR. Conditional formatting allows you to display your workbook cells differently based on specified criteria (the values of cells). Conditional functions allow you to present results in your cells based on different criteria. So one is for the display conditions and the other for the values returned based on a conditional statement. Conditional formatting We will start with conditional formatting and with a very simple example. I have a spreadsheet with some

Manipulating and formatting text using functions in Microsoft Excel

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In this short article I run through some examples of using Excel’s text functions to manipulate or format data. This follows on from my other Excel related articles. Quite often I use Excel to change data to the format that is required in a database and text functions come in very handy in all sorts of situations. I also use Excel to format data into HTML code for use in web pages and I’ll give an example of that. In the descriptions below I refer to the values within the function as text, character, string or values and show them

Using dates and date functions in Microsoft Excel

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Following on from my article about using names for cells or a range of cells, I have decided to continue writing about Excel and today’s subject are Excel’s use of dates and its date functions. As I am in the UK the default way to show dates in the screenshots will be the UK format but that is just something to be aware of rather than any issue as following through with the examples on your own machine will display in default format for your location. In this article we will cover how dates are stored, their format and then