General Availability (GA) of Top Level Domains (TLDs) in 2014 and 2015

New Domains 2015

This is my first update in 2015 on domain names that are now available. So far in 2015 we have had 34 new top level domain names released for general availability (GA). Many more are in the process and will go to GA soon and others are under consideration. In this short article, I have provided a list of the top-level domains (TLDs) released in 2015, a summary of those released in 2014 and a list of those that are at an earlier stage for delivery to GA in 2015 or that are under consideration. Some of those are country-based

Creating and using scalable vector graphics on the web


This article is about Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) on your web pages. I would have classed it as a HTML 5 tutorial but it is not strictly speaking to do with HTML 5 although it does use HTML to display the images. An SVG is a file that has been written in XML and contains all of the information needed to draw the image on the screen in text. This way the browser knows exactly how to re-scale it depending on the viewing area so there is no loss of quality when viewing on a small or large screen. You