Streamlining application development requirements

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It has been some time but this article follows on from my previous article about breaking an application development project into several phases; introducing phases to an application development project. In this article I will cover how to break the phase or whole project (if it is small enough not to require breaking down into phases), estimating the amount of work and prioritising the order of that work. First up, the project or phase needs to be broken up into tasks that can be described by no more than three sentences. Usually, if it takes more than that to describe

Getting started with HTML5 canvas


A while back I gave an HTML5 overview with the intention of writing more about each of those areas. So this is one of those and is dedicated to the HTML5 canvas. It is quite long as I wanted to cover as many features as I could in the one article. As the canvas relies on JavaScript, I’ll also cover that as well as the basics you need for the HTML5 page structure. The HTML5 canvas allows you to specify a portion of a web page that you can draw directly on using JavaScript. You can still use your server