Featured articles and serials throughout 2014

Laptop News

As the year closes I’ve been looking back at the articles that I have written in 2014 and I think there are some that are worth mentioning again. So in this final piece for 2014 I’m going to briefly cover some of the previous content found in other articles. In this way I hope to remind myself where I’m up to in certain article serials that will continue in 2015 and to make others aware of some of the things they may have missed. I won’t cover every article or even every section as these can be easily found on

Preparing to move your Excel modeller into a web application

Excel To Web

Over the years I’ve seen some really great modellers that have been built using Microsoft Excel. I also get told quite often that it would be great if these modellers could be delivered online. Of course you can share them online with other Excel users either by email or by using a download link on a website, but quite often these modellers contain code and users don’t always trust macro-enabled workbooks. What, of course, they really want is to deliver the same Excel experience online and so they have two choices which we’ll cover here. There are places that can