Does writing notes help you to remember?

Writing it down

The other day I was thinking about the reason that I always (well mostly) write things down. For example, I have three items to get at the shops and I write them down on a sticky note or a notepad page, put it in my pocket and go to the shops. I hardly ever never need to look at that short shopping list as it is already in my memory. In the past, I’ve maybe though I need to get these three things at the shops and by the time I get there I have forgotten at least one. In

Latest news on general availability of new domain extensions

New November TLDs

Welcome to my latest domain update with separate listings for those domain extensions available to purchase now under general availability (GA) and those that are at an earlier stage where you cannot purchase but may register an interest in them for when they do become available. Some sites call this pre-ordering or pre-registering but there is no guarantee that you will get the domain names that you show an interest in. There are many places where you can buy or attempt to register an interest in the new top level domains, just do a search on the extension you are