What’s the fuss about Google Plus

Google Plus

Google+ can be considered the social media side of Google but it is much more than that. They have been developing and fine tuning it for quite a while now and although I’m no social media guru and have only been using Google+ for a few months, I must say, I’m impressed. It seems they have taken all the best bits from all other social media solutions and come up with the best of all worlds. However, Google+ is not just superior as social media; it is a collaboration platform of Google tools and applications all in one place. It’s

Update on all the new top level domains available in 2014

New Domains

There are hundreds of top level domain names becoming publically available based on profession, location or just fun. By far the most popular globally of the new extensions so far has been .guru followed by .photography. This is an update from last month’s article Hundreds of new domain extensions flooding the market in 2014. That page listed the predicted availability of the new domain name extensions and this page just shares an update of that list. There are many places where you can buy the new top level domains just do a search on the extension you are looking for.

Stop the scammers by raising awareness with email scam examples


I get a lot of phishing emails and I would like to make everyone aware of them whenever they arrive. However, it’s impractical to make a posting every day that I receive them as that is every single day so I thought I would introduce a new page where I can keep adding the new email scams. I can’t actually remember a day when at least one scam comes through my various mailboxes but I’ll only show them the first time they hit my mailbox (it would be a very long page if I listed all the duplicates). The reason

A brief guide to the enhancements and new features of HTML5


I wanted to write some articles about the new features of HTML 5 and figured I had better start off with what HTML 5 is and give an overview of those new features and enhancements. I know there are probably hundreds of other HTML 5 articles on the internet and books explaining everything you could ever want to know but I’m hoping to keep the subject simple and present it in layman’s terms for those that are not into geek speak. So if you want a technical article, then you’d probably be better off looking elsewhere. If you want a

How to avoid becoming a remote social engineering victim


For a while now, I’ve been meaning to write something about the remote social engineering threat that we all face and here I’ve attempted to explain what social engineering is, how to detect it and some preventative measure that you can take so that you or your company are not taken in. Social engineering is where malicious people attempt to manipulate others into divulging information which they can then use to perform an attack. They will use technology so they can perform these social engineering attacks remotely such as by phone, email, social media, instant messaging and even from search