Taking the internet to smaller places

Sony Smart Watch

Many companies procrastinate when it comes to moving their information and services to a mobile audience. Mobile is not going away, it’s getting even more important especially as the internet is now being accessed more by mobile devices than by desktops. Taking the internet and apps to smaller places has been gaining momentum over the past several years and I can’t see that trend stopping anytime soon. In the past, if people wanted to be mobile they would carry around a laptop, then Apple made tablets and smart phones fashionable bringing the internet to a whole different section of the

New website design for Pat Howe Web Solutions


Welcome to our new responsive website, that we redesigned over the last couple of weekends and now features a “news and articles” page. On this page we will post any news about ourselves or that may affect our customers, including news from My Web Minder. We will also post any articles that may be of general interest to the design or development communities. On our news site you will find details that we carried over from our old site; About Us, Website Examples, Customer Feedback and the Contact Form. We also split the old services page into two new pages