How to cook up your own website

Web Chef

Whether your company needs to maintain a web presence, allow employees access to web-based resources or simply requires customer access to account data via the web, starting up a website can be a daunting task but it doesn’t need to be. Ingredients There are 3 main ingredients that you will need to cook up your own website; website files, website address and website hosting. Explanation Website files are what will be displayed when someone visits your website. These files can be static (always display the same), dynamic (may display differently depending on who you are or what you are doing)

New website design for Pat Howe Web Solutions


Welcome to our new responsive website, that we redesigned over the last couple of weekends and now features a “news and articles” page. On this page we will post any news about ourselves or that may affect our customers, including news from My Web Minder. We will also post any articles that may be of general interest to the design or development communities. On our news site you will find details that we carried over from our old site; About Us, Website Examples, Customer Feedback and the Contact Form. We also split the old services page into two new pages