How to avoid becoming a remote social engineering victim


For a while now, I’ve been meaning to write something about the remote social engineering threat that we all face and here I’ve attempted to explain what social engineering is, how to detect it and some preventative measure that you can take so that you or your company are not taken in. Social engineering is where malicious people attempt to manipulate others into divulging information which they can then use to perform an attack. They will use technology so they can perform these social engineering attacks remotely such as by

Stop the scammers: email rules to live by

Email Scams

I have quite a few email accounts and some of my email addresses appear on internet pages so it’s no wonder I get a lot of scam emails. I follow these simple rules when deciding if an email is a scam. I never rely on my anti-virus software. I do have two of the top internet security suites (not on the same machine) and whilst they capture most things, they can only detect the virus signatures they know about. New viruses (and I include all types such as trojans or