Prioritise and time-box to get more value out of your day

Time Box Plan

I have written before about using the time-boxing method in project management to make sure a project finishes on time and within budget but today I am going to explain how it, together with some other techniques, helps me to organise my day and enable me to get more done. In this article, I will briefly explain how my day used to be before I took charge of it and how it is now. I’m not perfect and I still work long hours but not as many as I used to and now I tend to have my weekends and

Advice to help avoid becoming an email scam victim


During 2014, I wrote several times about scam emails and that advice still applies today at the start of 2016. Scammers are finding new ways to con you each day but they also keep trying the old ways too as people are still falling for it. In this short article I reiterate that advice in the three main areas of email scams covering attachments, links and cons. In brief the way you can stay safe from nearly all of scams is to never click on any links and never open any attachments, regardless of how authentic they look. Email attachments