Location aware content in your HTML5 web page


I know this is not very spooky post for Halloween. Unless, of course, you were sitting there this evening thinking to yourself, I wonder how you make a web page location aware and happened across my post. Anyway, back to the subject. Using HTML 5 you can now include the user’s location within your application. The Geolocation API was included in HTML5 although not strictly as part of the HTML5 specification. You can now use the power of a location aware device to know where your user is and provide content relevant to them. It is quite simple to do

General Availability (GA) Pricing of Top Level Domains (TLDs)

New TLD Pricing

You may be aware that many new top-level-domain (TLDs) names were put on general availability in 2014 and 2015, meaning we have hundreds of domain name extensions to choose from. This short article looks at the pricing of the domain names for the new TLDs. There can be a huge difference in the pricing model between TLD owners as they set the price themselves. However, it doesn’t end there as the pricing model for all of these new domains can vary greatly even within the same TLD with a single domain name fetching from a few pounds to thousands of