Using text within shapes and along shape paths with InDesign

InDesign File

One of the things that we get asked to do in a design document is to get text to fill a particular shaped gap or follow a path that is not straight. In this article I will cover both of those scenarios. There could be many reasons that you need your text to follow a curved path or to fit inside a particular shape. First up we will start with the shapes and getting your text to fit inside them is really simple. You use the framing tools to set the boundaries for the text and then enter the text

Working with macro functions in Excel powered ASP.NET websites

Macro Enabled

In this article, we will use SpreadsheetGear to connect to a macro-enabled workbook that has one user-defined macro function and we will attach a class to the SpreadsheetGear object to replace that function at runtime. This is not just a feature of SpreadsheetGear as middle-wear between a website or application and a Microsoft Excel workbook will not support macros but some of them such as SpreadsheetGear will allow you some way of redefing them. We will populate the initial page values of an ASP.NET website from a spreadsheet, make changes to those values on the website and get the results