Adding a hyperlink image button to your Outlook signature

Outlook File

I was asked a while back “how to make a graphic in an Outlook signature into a hyperlink button” so I showed the requestor but I wondered if others might find it useful so I thought I would share how to do this here. In preparation you will need a button image and a website or web page address. In this example I am going to add my Linked-in profile, “” to my signature using a “View My Profile” image (below). If you go to the File tab in Microsoft Outlook and select Options it will bring up the Options

Internal linking to text areas within an InDesign document

InDesign File

Yesterday I was asked how to create an internal hyperlink to a piece of text on a page within InDesign from a graphic. I’ve done it many times before but it had completely gone out of my head until I sat down in front of InDesign myself. I figured I would create a short article as a reminder to me but also if anyone else is interested. I’ll use a similar example as I was asked about yesterday. We had a page with a graphic that looked button-like but was an image and numerous text and graphics spread over several