Introducing phases to an application development project

Under Construction

I wanted to write about some of the ways application development has changed over the years. In this first article, I will cover the phasing of application development against more traditional delivery approaches such as waterfall and agile. It covers the reasons why you and your application development effort should be adopting a phased approach too and I will follow up with more articles on refining this approach. There is nothing actually wrong with the waterfall or agile approaches if you have the right environment to make them work. This article is about how to get the requestor’s input during

Avoiding the spam filters for legitimate email campaigns

Email Filters

Sending a marketing campaign by email is very easy, very cheap and a very effective method of communicating your message. However, because the sending of unsolicited email (spam) has been so rife in the past, some legitimate email campaigns can get lost in a spam filter. So what is there to help? In this article we have twelve tips for you to help get your email campaigns to the intended recipient’s inbox. Double opt-in subscribersIf your mailing list is derived from people signing up to your newsletter online then always use double opt-in. Double opt-in will send an email to

Straightening images using Photoshop

Photoshop Tip

Something that I use Photoshop for quite often is to straighten up wonky images. Most pictures don’t really need straightening but sometimes they look silly or need to be straight to fit in with another part of a design. In this article I will show you show to straighten an image using Photoshop. It involves a bit of rotation and a bit of cropping but is quite simple and effective. Let’s get started. First you need to open your image in Photoshop. I always work on copies so if you are not working on a copy of the image, not