New top level domains released today for general availability

New Domains

Five new top level domains were released under general availability today (June 25); .industries, .parts, .supplies, .supply and .tools. In all, 32 domains have gone live (and are therefore available to buy now) since my last update just over a month ago. Excluding those released today the newly available domains are; .archi, .bid, .cards, .catering, .cleaning, .community, .condos, .cruises, .dating, .events, .flights, .futbol, .maison, .partners, .productions, .properties, .rentals, .reviews, .social, .tienda, .trade, .uk, .vacations, .villas, .webcam, .wiki and .xyz. In addition, there were 25 new domain name extensions given GA dates in 2014 since my last update that are not yet live. These include; .associates, .bar, .bio, .care, .clinic, .cooking,

What is the difference between a programmer and a developer?


It can be confusing with the terminology around programmers and developers especially when these descriptions are used interchangeably so in this article I will attempt to differentiate between the two. I know that not everyone will agree with me and some will think that developers and programmers are the same thing but from looking around when trying to hire resources, I think the market has pretty much adopted the same approach as me. So for people who may be looking to hire development resources or have a development project on the horizon or are in the development business but still get confused by the terminology or if you are just

Only one week to go until .UK becomes available to use online

Dot UK Domain

In just a week’s time on June 10th 2014 you will finally be able to use your pre-registered domain names with the .uk extension for email addresses, hosting websites, etc… This extension is only available to owners of domain names with a extension and is not yet being offered to owners of or At the moment, to pre-register a .uk domain name you have to either own the or to purchase them both together. I have several domains and I’ve purchased the .uk extension for some of the ones I want to keep but others I’m not bothered about. I believe that from June 10th