General availability dates of more new 2014 domains

New Domain Names

There have been many more domain extensions released during the last month with many more new dates for general availability (GA) of these new top level domains released. This is an update from last month’s article Update on all the new top level domains available in 2014. That page listed the predicted availability of the new domain name extensions and this page just shares an update of that list. However, rather than list by GA date, I have listed them all alphabetically indicating whether they are currently available to the public (Live) or the date at which it is estimated

Why your website needs search engine friendly optimisation (SEFO)

Search Results

In this article I will explain what the search engines are looking for and what they don’t want to see. I will then show you how to get started on your way to search engine friendly optimisation for your website. I see quite a few websites that don’t even have the basics that would help search engines to index their site properly and others that go over the top. Both approaches will be bad for your business so you need the right balance. Google and other internet search providers are constantly tweaking their search algorithms in pursuit of the best

What you need to know about the heartbleed bug

Bleeding Heart Flower

You will no doubt have heard about the Heartbleed bug and here I’ll give you a quick idea of what it is and any action you need to take. For full details you can visit the Heartbleed website. So what is it? Heartbleed affects secure websites and other secure communication channels but for simplicity I’ll describe what happens on a website. Normally, you visit a website via HTTP (hypertext transfer protocol) and the traffic is not encrypted so anyone that interrupts that communication can see the data transferred. Websites that require a login or those that use forms that may

Farewell old friends: saying goodbye to Windows XP & Office 2003

Windows XP Office 2003 Install

In case you didn’t already know, Microsoft are stopping all support for Windows XP and Office 2003 on Tuesday. That means no more patching even if security risks become known to them. This of course means that attackers who know that not everyone will be disconnecting their Windows XP machines or Office 2003 suites from the internet on April 8th will be rubbing their hands in glee. If you have an old machine running Windows XP/Office 2003 that you love and you can’t upgrade or you don’t want to upgrade then you don’t have to consign it to the scrap