Hundreds of new domain extensions flooding the market

New Domains

If you haven’t purchased a domain name yet, now is a good time to get involved. You will probably think that I have some infatuation with domain names as this is the third article in a month but after years of relative inactivity in the domain name world, there is a lot going on now. A few years back, ICANN asked for applications to open up the domain industry for many new extensions. They received thousands of applications from lots of companies around the world (including applications from companies that have never previously been a domain authority). Of course, these

How to cook up your own website

Web Chef

Whether your company needs to maintain a web presence, allow employees access to web-based resources or simply requires customer access to account data via the web, starting up a website can be a daunting task but it doesn’t need to be. Ingredients There are 3 main ingredients that you will need to cook up your own website; website files, website address and website hosting. Explanation Website files are what will be displayed when someone visits your website. These files can be static (always display the same), dynamic (may display differently depending on who you are or what you are doing)

Anybody want to buy a .uk domain name extension?

Dot UK Domain

The domain registrar for, and, Nominet, will be launching the new .uk top level domain extension on 10th June 2014. This new top-level domain is expected to take the place of in popularity. Of course .uk will shorted the length of the full domain name and it is anticipated that the demand will be great. Nominet are offering all owners of domains the first choice of the new .uk extension and if you own a then you now have the opportunity to pre-register the .uk version before 10th June 2014. Owners of or

Stop the scammers: email rules to live by

Email Scams

I have quite a few email accounts and some of my email addresses appear on internet pages so it’s no wonder I get a lot of scam emails. I follow these simple rules when deciding if an email is a scam. I never rely on my anti-virus software. I do have two of the top internet security suites (not on the same machine) and whilst they capture most things, they can only detect the virus signatures they know about. New viruses (and I include all types such as trojans or worms) are invented every day. Some are variations of existing

What’s in a domain name

Domain Names

A domain name is an online address and makes it easier to remember than a set of numbers. For example, is easier to remember than Domain names are made of parts and are separated by “.” so using the preceding example, the www is actually a sub domain so the domain name is really (and the .com part is called a top level domain). The domain suffix (such as .com or is called a top level domain or TLD and these are managed by domain registrars. You can either purchase from them directly from the domain