My experience using the Duolingo German language course


When I added a websites section to my blog I always intended to showcase sites that I found interesting or useful. Today, I would like to walk through a website called Duolingo that helps language students keep their skills fresh. The site can be found at or on a mobile device using the respective application store. Four months ago, I thought I would see if I could learn a language from scratch just by using the Duolingo website and mobile app. In the past, I have learned a little French and Spanish so I couldn’t use them. It was

Applying conditions to AVERAGE, SUM and COUNT functions in Microsoft Excel

Excel File

This is my first article on Microsoft Excel in over two years and continues the series with descriptions and examples of applying conditions to the popular Excel SUM, COUNT and AVERAGE functions. I started writing this article about 6 months ago when one of my friends asked me how to count the number of occurrences in a spreadsheet where a condition in another column was true. I had thought that I had already written such an article and was about to point her to it but it wasn’t there. I remember it was on my list of articles to write