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When if first started this site I had intended to write some updates about the work going on at Pat Howe Web Solutions which now trades as My Web Minder. However, after two years I still haven’t provided any news in that respect but I’m not going to list out all the work completed in the last two years as I want to make this short. Apart from registering domain names for people/businesses or setting up email/web hosting accounts, we’ve been adding bits and pieces or making changes to a few websites. This article not only brings you some news

Animation example using the HTML 5 Canvas


Following on from my article Getting started with HTML5 canvas, this short article adds another example of what you can do. If you haven’t already done so, it is worth revisiting my previous article to get familiar with the terms and Canvas setup. This article shows you that animation on the HTML 5 Canvas is really quite simple. The example here moves a small box around the screen and changes its direction and colour when it hits the boundary of the canvas. As there is not much to it so this brief article will include the full code, a couple

Linking from small places on small devices with InDesign

InDesign File

I thought I would share something that I find useful when creating InDesign documents with links in them for use on mobile devices as they are not always very easy to select. An example is a word in a block of text or a very small image. It is very easy to increase the selection area to more than just the hyperlink item. Here I explain how to do it in a few simple steps so you can still provide a reasonably sized navigation point from a very small place or a tiny navigation item to be hyperlinked. First draw