Finding a value in a range using Microsoft Excel functions

Excel File

Following on from my other Microsoft Excel articles, this one is devoted to looking up information from within a range of values such as a table of data but using the functions that Excel provides. We will look at four functions used for finding operations within Excel; VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, MATCH and INDEX. First we will have an explanation of each and then walk through some examples of their usage. Finally in this article I will explain how to look up a value in a table based on multiple criteria using SUMPRODUCT. Excel finding function descriptions INDEX(array of values, row number,

Update on new live domains extensions and those coming up

New September TLDs

This is the latest in my domain name availability updates and I have changed the format slightly so all domains that are being considered for use are shown separately from those that are now live and available to purchase. Since my last update early in August, there have been 38 new domain extensions released for general availability (GA). These are: .accountants, .bio, .care, .cash, .church, .claims, .clinic, .cologne, .cooking, .country, .credit, .creditcard, .dental, .digital, .direct, .discount, .finance, .fishing, .fitness, .fund, .furniture, .guide, .horse, .host, .insure, .investments, .koeln, .life, .loans, .london, .place, .press, .rodeo, .scot, .surgery, .tax, .vodka and .website. The

Rework on My Web Minder and Pat Howe websites

My Web Minder

We have been moving things around a bit over the years between several of our business websites and now, after 5 years of Pat Howe Web Solutions and My Web Minder being separate websites, we’ve merged them back together again. Previously, design and development work was handled by Pat Howe Web Solutions and all the other web-related services were handled through My Web Minder. Now My Web Minder serves as one place to get all web-related services including design and development work and only the news and articles remain on this site which has been renamed. If you are interested