Update on general availability dates of new 2014 top level domains

New Domains

Once again there have been many more domain extensions released during the last month with many more new dates for general availability (GA) of these new top level domains released. This is an update on my previous domain name listings. 20 domains have gone live (and are therefore available to buy now) since my last update. These include; .agency, .bargains, .boutique, .cheap, .club, .codes, .cool, .dance, .democrat, .expert, .exposed, .farm, .foundation, .kiwi, .luxury, .qpon, .viajes, .watch, .works and .zone. There were 22 new domain name extensions given GA dates in 2014 since my last update that are not yet live.

How to pick a website domain name

Website Name

I am asked quite a bit for advice on picking a domain (website) name but there are several factors to consider before you can select the right one and then what do you do if the name you want is unavailable. Here I attempt to explain what I do. Firstly, your domain name would ideally be your company name, or if you are a new start-up, why not make your domain name (including the suffix such as .com) into your company name. However, always make sure the domain name is not copyrighted, someone else’s trademark or being used by another

Getting started with HTML5 video

Video Player

A while back I gave an HTML5 overview with the intention of writing more about each of those areas. So this is one of those and is dedicated to HTML5 video. The same methods apply to audio even though audio is not explicitly covered here. For everyone that has created websites in the past using previous versions of HTML, you will know the difficulties involved in trying to embed video into those pages. The easiest way for most people was to convert the video to Adobe Flash and rely on the fact that most browsers had the free Adobe Flash

Taking action against unwanted telephone callers

Angry Phone

I gets lots of spam/phishing emails but also an increasing number of unsolicited telephone calls until I took some action. These calls range from legitimate companies cold calling to illegitimate scammers trying to trick me into divulging information or buying something that I don’t need. Basically, I have never bought anything from anyone that has cold called me. Even if I took a call and was interested in, “double glazing”, “home security” or whatever else they are selling, I will always make a point to never buy from a cold call. So whatever I buy, I research myself online including

An update on email scams with recent examples

Scam Alert

During the last couple of months, I’ve been collecting all the scam emails that I’ve been receiving and publishing them on a separate page. Just recently scam email activity has risen quite steeply so I thought I would give a short reminder here about my “Special report showing examples of email scams in 2014” page. The page was getting quite long as I was just listing them as they came in so they were in order of the date received with the newest at the top. I didn’t want to keep repeating the same scams (some of which I would